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The Arizona Crop Improvement Association subscribes to the "Uniform System for Bringing Varieties into Certification in the United States" as adopted by the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA). Varieties will normally be considered eligible for certification in Arizona when they have been favorably reviewed by one or more of the following (indicate which, if any, already pertain to the variety cited in this application):

_____National Variety Review Board

_____Plant Variety Protection Certificate received (Also supply information for items E, F, G, and H below)

_____Eligibility under an OECD Seed Scheme

_____A member agency of AOSCA

Applicants claiming eligibility of a variety by one or more of the above methods must provide ACIA with copies of the pertinent documentation. ACIA retains authority to deny or suspend certification eligibility of the variety in Arizona with sufficient cause.

Applicants seeking initial eligibility for certification through review by the Pure Seed Advisory Committee of ACIA must supply the following information about the variety presented in this application:

A. The variety name. This must be the established name if previously marketed.

B. A statement about the variety's origin and the breeding procedure used to develop it.

C. A detailed description of the morphological, physiological and other traits of the plants and seed that distinguish it from other varieties.

D. Evidence of performance of the variety (yield data, pest resistance, etc) that supports any claims for performance

E. A statement defining the geographic adaptation of the variety.

F. A statement of the plans for the maintenance of stock seed classes, including the number of generations of multiplication permitted.


G. Restrictions on the variety, specified by the breeder, regarding area of seed production, age of stand or other factors affecting genetic purity .

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