Arizona Crop Improvement Association

Proposed Fees for Certification & Other Services

Effective July 2014


I. Memberships

Active Members (voting) $50.00 annual

Associate Members (non-voting) $25.00 annual

II. Field Inspection

A. Minimum fee per application $45.00

B. Cotton $1.50 per acre

C. Small Grains:

Foundation Class (three inspections) $2.50 per acre - Min. fee per application $60.00

Registered Class (two inspections) $2.00 per acre

Certified Class (one inspection) $1.50 per acre

D. Bermudagrass and other turf seed $2.00 per acre

E. Hybrids (per required inspection) $3.00 per acre

F. Vegetative turf Contact ACIA

G. All other crops (alfalfa, beans, canola, peanuts, safflower, okra, garbanzo, sudangrass, forage/native grasses, guayule, etc.) $2.00 per acre

H. Noxious Weed Free Forage & Mulch* $5.00 per acre (includes twine)

I. Late application $25.00

J. Reinspection Double the acreage fee + mileage

K. Withdrawn application $10.00 per application

III. Certification Fees

A. Alfalfa $0.50 cwt

B. Bermudagrass and other turf seed $0.55 cwt

C. Cotton $0.30 cwt

D. Small grain (Durum, wheat, barley, oats) $0.20 cwt

E. ALl other crops (beans, canola hybrids peanuts, safflower, sudangrass, okra, garbanzo, etc.) $0.30 cwt

G. Forage/native grasses $0.50

H. OECD certification Same as AOSCA certification

I. OECD certificates $40.00 each

IV. Other Fees

A. Analysis/passport tags and labels $0.08 each

B. Replacement/unused

Adhesive labels $0.08 each

Sew tags $0.08 each

C. Minimum charge for tag/label order $20.00 per lot

D. Official samples $10.00

E. Approved conditioner inspection $50.00 per inspection

F. Combine inspection $50.00 per hour + mileage

G. Interagency transfer $4.00 per ton

H. New Variety Processing $75.00 each

I. Other inspections (organic, etc.) $50.00 per hour + mileage


*other fees/mileage may apply Contact ACIA